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Want to join in the fun?  We have a number of ways for you to stay connected whether you live near or far.  Have a look at the list below for ways you can get involved!

Don't have a horse of your own?

January 01, 2018

If you don't yet have a horse of your own but you're interested in gaining more knowledge and skill, we offer lessons under the supervision and guidance of CHA Certified Instructors!  School horses are available.  Lessons are geared towards preparing students for all aspects of horse ownership.  If you'd like to find out more, please send us an email!

Haul in and join a summer lesson series!

March 01, 2018

From March to Oct we're happy to present a variety of 4-8 week lesson series!  Spring Fling Boot Camp, Working Equitation, Group Trail Safety, Stockmanship, Flag, and Western Style and Cowboy Dressage influenced Rail Classes are just a few of the themes available.  Each series runs once per week for 4-8 weeks.  Join in a friendly gathering of like minded horsemen and women who offer support and encouragement while providing an opportunity to develop skills.


Email us today for a detailed list of 2018's lesson series options! 

Horsemanship Clinics

January 01, 2018

Christa Miremadi offers clinics at home and away!  Christa's clinics can be geared towards foundation development or advancing your partnership with your working partner.  Christa works with all her clients using classical ideals that consider the horse's fitness, development and confidence.  Whether you're interested in overcoming a major challenge, seeking an opportunity to better understand your horse or simply looking for a positive experience, riding in a clinic with Christa could be just what you're looking for! 

If you're interested in taking part in or hosting a clinic, please email us today!

Kheiron College of Equine Therapy

July 01, 2018

The Rock'n Star Ranch is proud to be partnered with Amy Hay and Kheiron College of Equine Therapy!  Each year The Rock'n Star Ranch and Kheiron College welcome up to 12 aspiring equine professionals into a year-long, equine therapy diploma program.  Throughout their learning, these promising students will attend classes in Therapeutic Techniques, Anatomy and Physiology, Alternative Modalities, Hoof Care, Conditioning and Handling, Saddle FIt, First AidBusiness Planning and Practical Assessment.  If you'd like to take advantage of some of the learning opportunities available through Kheiron College, we also offer Anatomy, Hoof Care, First Aid and Conditioning and Handling as individual classes and most classes can be audited! If you're interested in learning more about Kheiron College, auditing some of the classes or registering for an upcoming class please visit the website

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