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Christa Miremadi

Christa enjoys working with horses of all levels to develop their confidence, fitness, balance and a passion for their job through classical ideas and the traditions of  Californio Bridlehorse development. 


She also finds great joy in helping owners to develop this in their horses for themselves.  Book a consultation with Christa to find out how she can help you achieve your goals with your horse today!

CHA Certified Equine Facility Manager: Level 4

CHA Certified Instructor: Level 3 Western Horsemanship

CHA Certified Instructor: Level 1 English Horsemanship


Working with horses was not something that Christa never decided to do.  It wasn't really a choice but more like her path.  For as long as she can remember, she's felt drawn to the beauty, power and grace of the horse.  Starting out at just 5 years old, once she got a taste for time in the saddle, that was it, she was hooked for life!

Christa got her own horse (after almost a decade of riding lessons and competing on her instructors horses) at 14 years old upon winning a bet with her father and the rest, as they say, is history.  She began working at the barn every minute she wasn't at school in order to pay for her horse (soon to become horses) and quickly decided that there was no other career path for her.

During the summers, Christa volunteered as a wrangler at a ranch camp in Alberta for kids that she continues to work for to this day, playing the part of Riding Director or Trail Guide.  It was there that she acquired many of her back country skills and gained experience packing and running large groups and even started her first horse, a skill that would become a passion in the years to come.

Colt starting and problem solving with challenging horses has been a big part of Christa's work over the past two decades and something she still enjoys, but recently she's developed a passion for the Old Californio system of hackamore and bridle horse development.  She continues her education by  working with and learning from master horsemen such as Mark Rashid, Daryl Gibb, Bruce Sandifer, Stefanie Travers and Miles Kingdon.

Christa also learns and studies the works of the late greats like Alois Podhajsky, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance as well as being an anatomy and bio-mechanics junkie, reading and learning as much as she can about how the horse's mind and body works.  She looks forward to any and all opportunities to further her knowledge and develop her skills.

This led her to the study of both barefoot trimming and the art of Tai Chi.  For the past six years, Christa has been responsible for the hoof care of The Rock'n Star's herd as well as a number of privately owned horses.  This responsibility has helped her to gain even more knowledge about how horses move and what they need.

Through her study of Martial Arts, Christa has used Tai Chi to develop her own self control, feel, balance, flexibility, strength and coordination.  She has gained skills in Qi Gong, Chi Coil, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan and a number of weapons forms. She feels that these skills have helped her in her horsemanship exponentially.

Christa is also an author and has written H.E.A.R.T. and A Mindful Collection; two books that offer readers a glimpse at both her experience and her perspective around working with horses of all levels and backgrounds. She also contributes a monthly article to Saddle Up magazine.


Her goal is to facilitate horses and humans developing the same kind of relationships, based on trust, respect, compassion and fun that she's developed with so many of her own amazing equine teachers.