For the horse...

We offer full time training focused on starting, confidence building, foundation development and basic ground work skills every horse should know.  Once the foundation is in place, we move on to further developing the horse's balance, rhythm, strength, stamina, flexibility and bravery through classical ideals. 

We also offer trail exposure, miles and expanded experience for previously started horses who are in need of support and professional, consistent guidance as they develop habits and build confidence as a riding horse.  Horses in this program will be exposed to cattle, wildlife, all kinds of terrain and get plenty of wet saddle blankets!


Horses working through our training program may encounter a number of experiences including pole exercises, obstacles, back country trail exposure, cattle, flag, dressage and hoof ball.  It is our goal to develop confident, physically fit, versatile and respectful horses and to do so with respect for the horses bio-mechanics and psychology.

                          Rehab  *  Foundation  *  Fitness  *  Confidence  *  Experience  *  Development  *  Trust   

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