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Horsemanship lessons are geared towards providing students with a well rounded education that includes groundwork, equitation and horse care and are solidly resting on a foundation of equine psychology, bio-mechanics, hoof care and saddle fit.  This means that you don't just learn to ride more beautifully, you also learn how you're influencing your horse for either the better or worse and develop the understanding necessary to maximize your success through creating the best experience possible for both yourself and your horse!  Take what you learn here and apply it to whatever your hearts desire!

Christa Miremadi

CHA Certified Instructor

- Level 4 Equine Facility Manager

- Level 3 Western

- Level 1 English

Christa is steward to many of The Rock'n Star Ranch's horses but has two horses she calls her own, as well as a near constant stream of training clients' horses to keep her busy.  With her own horses, (both Kiger Mustangs), she has been following the Old Californio Traditions and working from bosal to bridle, towards creating fine, finished bridle horses.  Cisco, her older gelding, is currently working in the two-rein and Smoke, her young stud, is not yet under saddle. 

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Pinto (Amin) Miremadi

Pinto has a less traditional education that was gained through real, hands on experience, working along side some of the greatest horsemen in BC.  Pinto has been starting colts and managing herds for over a decade and has gained a ton of real life experience through his work.  Pinto's passion is without a doubt, helping colts or inexperienced horses find their groove and become upstanding equine citizens and has found huge rewards in helping humans to understand their own influence.

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Our mission is to help the serious rider to deepen their understanding of feel, timing, balance, and signal in order to strengthen their partnership with their horse and make their everyday riding endeavours safer and more enjoyable for both the horse and human.

Educating horse owners and horse lovers alike in:

  • Biomechanics

  • Anatomy & Movement

  • Saddle Fit

  • Foundation Horsemanship

  • Leadership Based Relationship

  • Consistency

  • … and much, much more!


We strive to prepare people for all aspects of horse ownership and increase people’s confidence to enjoy their horses to the fullest degree. We offer horsemanship lessons to most levels of riders whose focus is the love of the horse and personal development. Although we are a non-competitive atmosphere and focused on personal development, the relationship-based style of horsemanship is a complement to almost any style of riding. The Rock'n Star’s Lesson Program was created by Christa Miremadi.


We like to use a variety of disciplines and activities to provide purpose and fun for the horses and students in our program, such as:

  • Working Equitation

  • Stockmanship

  • Hoof ball

  • Drill Team

  • Trail Skills

  • Mountain Trail

  • Garrocha


The Rock'n Star Lesson Program Instructors also encourage their students to take part in clinics and outside activities to further their knowledge and learning.