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Mind, body and soul... 

We've developed a strong horsemanship program geared towards helping humans better understand their horses on all levels: physically, through an understanding of their anatomy and biomechanics, mentally, through an understanding of their psychology: how they think and learn and spiritually, through an understanding of our horse's needs, how to fulfill them and how they experience the world.  We do this through:




Many of Christa and Pinto's clients live far away from the wide open grasslands of Pritchard B.C., coming from the coast, up North or far to the east.  This means that although their horses are able to benefit from the time spent in training, their owners aren't able to take advantage of the learning opportunities available to them through their weekly sessions. 


When this happens, Christa likes to video some of the sessions with their horses, putting together short clips that include explanations and examples from which a horse's owner might be able to feel included in the process, witness some of the more pivotal moments in a horses learning or review the lessons, hopefully taking in some of the important nuances of the horsemanship lessons.

Many of these videos are available on Christa's YouTube channel!  Keep in mind, the horses in these videos are all client horses of varying backgrounds, ages and experience levels.  Some of them have only been in training for days, others may have been with her longer but none of what you see will have been rehearsed, prepared or practiced.  These are raw training sessions, recorded as they happen.


Mixed into these videos of horses in training are some clips of the herd enjoying their freedom and the land.  Again, with so many of our clients coming from areas of B.C. where this kind of lifestyle isn't possible, most of our herd's owners are unable to visit their horses and these videos make it possible for them to see their horses and observe the life they've so selflessly provided them by sending the to The Rock'n Star Ranch.

We hope you enjoy your sneak peek into the goings on at the ranch!  Please remember to "Like" and "Subscribe" to our channel so you continue to benefit from this free resource! 


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A good friend and one of Christa and Pinto's early mentors used to say "Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgement".  Over the past two decade, Pinto and Christa have gained a lot of experiences that have come from both good and bad judgement and they've been careful not to miss the learning opportunities that came from each. 


Carefully and meticulously they have recorded many of these invaluable learning opportunities within the pages of the four books that, between them, they have written.  These books are a tremendous asset to anyone who's wanting to learn more about horses, horsemanship and life in general as many of the lessons they learned apply to more than just horses.

Take advantage of the experiences they've had and gain your own good judgment through the wisdom shared through these books, all available on Amazon!   Read the through the descriptions on the right and to buy, click the image of the book to the left. 


Check out Christa's Author Page here!



H.E.A.R.T.  Originally published in 2010, this collaborative work between professional trainer and student of the horse, Christa Miremadi and the amazingly gifted, professional photographer, Kristina Belkina, was re-released in 2022 with updates and fresh ideas added to the original text.  This is a full color book and a beautiful collection of photography, stories and perspectives put together by Christa and Kristina.

This insightful book provides readers with another perspective through which to view their horses and the way they think and learn. Develop a new way of viewing your horse through Christa's perspective of her own experiences which led her to develop her Horsemanship from the Heart.

A Mindful Collection cover.jpg

A Mindful Collection Published in 2016, is a collection of a years worth of Horsemanship articles that were first published in Saddle Up magazine.  After her first year of writing for the equine publication, Christa decided to publish her articles, all together, in one easy to read, paperback collection. This collection covers topics like leadership, trust, boundaries, responsibility, horse rescue, perspective, feel and much more and is a helpful guide to navigating the world of relationship with horses.


A Shit Picker's Guide to Training Horses - A Spacial Odyssey  A Rock and Roll musician who became involved with horses through happen stance, initially as a "shit-picker", shares his journey to understanding and insight to equine psychology through two decades of working with horses as a professional trainer and problem solver. A hilarious collection of stories and lessons learned the hard way primarily based on observations made and experiences gained that take root in the fundamentals of basic equine care and daily chores. With a back ground and degree in Philosophy, the author makes the connection between daily chores and "training" and reveals an opportunity for a deeper understanding of horses in an unadulterated setting that is uniquely available during the process of caring for horses in a "non-work" setting.

A Mindful Collection:  A Little Further Down the Trail 

Close to a decade’s worth of the written musings of a full time ranch manager and equine professional... Christa Miremadi has been contributing since 2012 to Saddle Up magazine, a Canadian equine publication that reaches over 33,000 readers. In 2013 she released A Mindful Collection, a book that contains her first year's worth of articles and vignettes. Now, in the pages of A Mindful Collection: A little further down the trail she shares the next six years’ worth of her philosophies, ideas and observations. Take a ride into the mind of someone who lives, breathes and works with all kinds of horses, day in and day out. With this collection of stories, observations and recorded experiences, take advantage of her lessons (many of which were learned the hard way) and benefit from the understanding and perspective she has gained. .

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