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For the human...

Because our belief is that horses are sentient creatures and that we learn to work with them rather than "train" them to become obedient, we feel that training the human is just as important (if not more so) than training the horse.  The training we put on the horse will only last as long as it's maintained by the owner. 

For this reason, we've developed a strong horsemanship program geared towards helping humans to better understand their equine partners physically (through understanding of their anatomy and bio-mechanics), mentally (through understanding of their psychology and how horses think) and emotionally (through understanding horses' reactions and how they experience the world emotionally).

Through weekly or monthly lessons, clinics, training programs, courses and camps, we hope to develop the human's understanding of their horse's mind, body and soul, while developing their riding skills and providing our students with encouragement, support and a gentle push towards never-ending self-improvement.