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It's almost Spring '24

Our 2024 Events Schedule has been updated!
Read about it below and check out our


The year ahead is going to rock!  With the spring and summer training and workshop season just around the corner, we are so excited about what's to come!  We have a number of fantastic learning opportunities available between May and Nov and of course, we are looking forward to visiting with old friends and meeting new folks as these workshops begin to fill up.

In May, as usual, we open our gates on the training and workshop season '24.  Our training schedule has already filled up for the year so please don't hesitate to contact us ASAP if you'd like to get on the list for the 2025 season!

Also in May, we start off the season with some Edu-Vacations: Semi-private workshops designed to provide more individualized and customized support to small groups.  In June we will be offering workshops on Balance & Signal, Stockmanship and Troubleshooting whatever issues you feel challenged by and need support overcoming. In July we continue the Bridlehorse and stockhorse development with Intro to Roping with Miles Kingdon and then get outside the arena, beyond the gates with Christa! 

As the summer begins to wind to an end, at the end of Aug we will be offering our two most popular workshops again, Horsemanship Retreat 1 & 2.  These two workshops are designed to provide you with a more customized learning experience as well, however, relaxation, enjoyment and socializing with friends is also a big part of the experience!  These workshops are best enjoyed with friends so make sure you grab your best buds and sign up quickly before they all fill up! 

As summer give way to fall, we will be slowing things down with the last few Edu-Vacation opportunities of the year.  This is a perfect time to enjoy some cooler weather, watch the leave change color and ride into the sunset of another season at the Rock'n Star Ranch.

Last but not least, we will once again be involved with the SECOND annual Skills of the Outfits - West of the Rockies in Barriere B.C. on Sept 20-22!  This event was an absolute success last year and I can't wait to watch it evolve into something none of us could have ever imagined.  Keeping the old Californio methods of bridlehorse development and stockmanship alive is extremely important to us here at the Rock'n Star Ranch and this is just one of the ways we can help preserve and promote these incredible traditions.  Make sure to mark the date in your calendar and come watch the event!

Thank you!


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