Holiday Gift Ideas!


This year, why not get the horse-lover in your life a gift they'll really love?  Choose one of these great books, written by Pinto & Christa Miremadi or get them a beautiful wall calendars that'll make them feel like they're back at the ranch all year round!  


Pinto's "A Shit Picker's Guide To Training Horses"  is an entertaining and informative journey into the events that led to his acquisition of horse training experience and the development of his understanding of  how best to relate to these incredible creatures. 


Christa's "A Mindful Collection: A little Further Down the Trail" was released last year and is a continuation of her first book of the same title, released in 2013.  Although both these books can be read on their own, they compliment one another nicely and provide a ton of information and insight into her unique perspective on understanding, relating to and working with horses of all kinds! 


If you don't have any or all of these titles, what are you waiting for?   Find them here!.


As always, we also have another 12 month wall calendar, filled with 22 beautiful, full color images captured by Christa or Pinto, taken around the ranch of our herd, our lands, our training and clinics throughout 2021.

If you should feel so inspired as to support us through purchasing one of these items for yourself or someone you know this holiday season, please contact us and we will gladly take your  order!

Thank you!

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