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And that's a wrap!

Our 2022 Events Schedule has come to an end...
Read about it below and check out our


This year has just been incredible!  We had such an amazing time teaching, training and learning with so many fantastic people over the last few months...  We had Trail Skills Camps, Stockmanship Workshops, Horsemanship Retreats and so much more!  


Our Trail Skills Camps saw our riders out on the trail, enjoying their horses and feeling confident about their equine partners.  Our Stockmanship Workshops were, as usual, a huge favorite!  Learning to work together with their horses, folks got the hang of some basic stockmanship skills and others developed the skills they already had to new levels.  ALL had a blast.  And finally, Our Horsemanship Retreats were AMAZING!  Everyone found the perfect balance of relaxation, fun and learning and I KNOW next year's Horsemanship Retreats will fill up fast!


The 2022 season also saw the first ever "Skills of the Outfits" !  Christa helped to organize and rode in this bridled stock horse showcase that featured a handful of riders from all over BC, AB and SK who got together to share, learn, support and encourage each other and to grow as horsemen and women as well as stockmen and women.  We will DEFFINATELY be doing this again in 2023! 


We also had a full "training barn" all summer long.  We saw many young horses come and go over this past season, many of them learning to wear a saddle and carry a person for the first time.  We also provided practice, guided development and confidence and experience to a number of horses who were not new to being ridden but who needed some help with something or other.  We were blessed with a great batch of horses and have already started taking deposits on training spots for next season.

Keep checking back for info on our 2023 season!  I know things will fill up quickly so be on the lookout and don't wait to get registered when our 2023 calendar becomes available.

Thank you!


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