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Christa and Pinto Miremadi are excited to offer their experience and skills to both horses and humans for the purpose of educating both.  They offer lessons, clinics, full time training and ongoing support, customized to each horse/humans individual needs.

Over the years, Pinto and Christa have developed their own styles and pursued the things they were each most passionate about.  Pinto became fascinated and inspired mostly by the process of starting the young ones under saddle, helping them to gain confidence and skills that would provide them with a good foundation while Christa's passion has become both refining and developing the more intricate skills of a good hackamore/bridle horse and rehabilitating the emotionally or physically damaged horses who need a second (or third or fourth) chance.  Both Pinto and Christa like to use their own saddle horses to provide support and comfort to the horses they work with and often work with each other to find the perfect balance for each horse.

Since it would be pointless to work with the horse and not with the human caregivers, Pinto and Christa both feel that having a program designed for both the horse and the human is an essental part of achieving success with any horse.