Carol Dymond

CHA Certified Instructor: Level 2 Western

CHA Certified Instructor: Level 2 English

CHA Certified Trail Guide: Level 1



Carol's obsession with horses began some 30 plus years ago, when she started out at a riding school in England.  She continued her experience upon returning to Canada both in formal lessons and also spending summers riding ranch horses with her best friend, unsupervised through fields and forest - the way every horse-crazy girl dreams.

Always alongside her love of horses was Carol's equal passion for music, and for a few years, she stepped away from horses while pursuing her musical education and career as a performing orchestral and solo flautist and teacher. However, when the Rock'n Star Ranch was born under her sister Christa's leadership, Carol returned to working and playing with horses as well, an activity which gained momentum, resulting in the side-by-side careers she enjoys today.

Carol has spent much time working alongside and learning from her own sister Christa as well as Christa's husband Pinto, and has also studied with such clinicians and teachers as Marion Weisskopff, Stefanie Travers, Bruce Sandifer and Daryl Gibb.  She has been pursuing the art and journey of developing a bridle horse in the Old Californio tradition, first with her Arabian mare Lissie and now also with her young Tennessee Walker/Morgan gelding Areion, feral for his first 5 years, whom Carol has started under saddle and in the traditional hackamore. The horses themselves, of course, are Carol's greatest teachers.


As an instructor, Carol has more than 20 years experience working with students to build on their strengths and develop skills and tools so that they are able ultimately to become their own problem-solvers and their own best teachers.  Carol's always amazed at the parallels between her two chosen passions, music and horses, and finds herself teaching the same concepts in both disciplines; energy, line, flow, rhythm, focus, breath, direction, ensemble, movement, centre . . . the list of qualities that are intrinsic to both is almost endless. 



Carol enjoys working with horse owners and their own horses, guiding many students through their first experiences in horse ownership, and loves working with young riders just starting out. 


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