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Clear your mind, fill your soul and experience the get-away with your horse you've always dreamed of...

Edu-Vacation is a term invented by Christa and her sister Carol over years of combining their vacation time with their love of equine education.  An Edu-Vacation is your chance to get away from it all (with or without a friend), kick back in the country, unwind, recharge and learn!  


Enjoy a weekend of immersive learning with your horse at the Rock'n Star Ranch, taking full advantage of all that it has to offer!  You'll stay in our cozy Bunkhouse (RV, sleeps 6-8 people) or your own camper or, if you prefer a more modern accommodations, the South Thompson Inn is within a 30 min drive of the ranch and offers comfortable, pet friendly rooms on the river.  Enjoy our peaceful, wide open, starry skies by night and cover country, delve deep into horsemanship and find yourself in the saddle as you develop an unbelievable bond with your horse by day. 
Christa Miremadi has over 25 years of experience as a horsewoman.  She has been managing large herds, training horses for the public, riding the back country and studying the horse: mind, body and soul with a passion that is matched by very few people in this industry.  Her dedication, not only to her own learning but also to the advancement of her horses and her students is inspiring!  To find out more about Christa, click here now.


Book yourself an Edu-Vacation and come enjoy our beautiful ranch, take advantage of our neighboring wineries and explore all that Kamloops has to offer!  Prices (including equine accommodation) from $350/day!    Contact us for more info!


Choose from one of our reserved public weekends...
$350.00 or $375.00 per day including your horses accommodations!

- May 12/13/14
- May 26/27/28

- June 3/4/5
- June 9/10/11

- July 15/16/17

- Sept 15/16/17

- Oct 6/7/8

Prices as listed above are based on 2 horsemanship sessions per day and include your horse's overnight fees but do not include your accommodation costs since those will depend on where you choose to stay.  Weekends can be booked for 2 days or 3.  2 days are $375/day and 3 days are $350/day. 

Guests will enjoy... 
- One on one or small group horsemanship instruction
- Personalized support from Christa Miremadi
- Miles of incredible countryside to ride and explore with Christa's guidance
- Christa's years of experience and skill with all aspects of horsemanship
- The BC interior's near perfect summer weather
- A dip in the above ground pool
- Relaxing in the shade on the hammock
- Kamloop's and the surrounding area's many wineries, lakes and summertime events!

To book your weekend, contact us now!


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