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With close to two decades of experience caring for a growing herd of horses, Pinto has developed a sense of timing, patience and feel for horses that is not easy to come by.


He considers himself a student of the horse. His timing and feel is completely based on the individual needs of the horse that he’s working with and change for each horse, as required. This has led to a passion for helping horses to understand better what their owners are expecting of them.

He has provided countless horses with a good, solid, drama free first saddling and first ride that have progressed into confidence in their new found skills carrying people, as well as greatly improved the willingness and attitude of the horses he’s worked with.  He also works hard to further the owner’s understanding of the origin of their horses behaviors and how to support their horse through the inevitable learning period that follows their initial training.

Pinto has continued his own education through spending time with and learning from master horsemen/horsewomen such as Daryl Gibb, Miles Kingdon, Mark Rashid.  He also spends time honing his skills with his own two Appaloosa horses, Vega and Ginger.

By working together with the owners, Pinto is able to create the lasting changes that will ultimately improve the relationship and make the partnership flourish, as well as giving the owner tools to help problem solve on their own, should further challenges arise.

Outside of the ranch life, Pinto has a Bachelors Degree from the University of British Colombia in Philosophy and performs and writes as a professional musician. He's been playing guitar for most of his life and has developed incredible skill with it, a skill which contributes to his sense of rhythm and timing which he relies on greatly while working with horses.  One of his many musical projects has been writing and performing the musical score featured in many of Christa Miremadi’s Horsemanship YouTube videos!

Pinto’s passion for both horses and music has brought him to where he is today and has led him to want to share his skills and passion with others, but most of all to help the horses he loves to find the boundaries, comfort, security, affection and peace that they are seeking.


Pinto believes that time spent with horses should be enjoyed by both human and horse, and although the horses must be willing and available to follow direction, they should also be treated as valued partners.

Amin "Pinto" Miremadi

Pinto enjoys working with young or green horses and finds joy and reward in foundation development and the starting process.  He loves to watch the magic happen as they develop their confidence and learn to work with people.


Book a consultation with Pinto now and find out how he can help you and your horse to accomplish your dreams together!

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