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With many recent studies to back up our view point, we are firm believers in the positive effects of keeping horses in the most natural way possible.  Most horses are happier and healthier when they are kept outside and given near constant access to friends, forage and freedom of movement.

The Rock'n Star Ranch in Pritchard BC

Natural Care Boarding from $350.00   AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Horses will roam wide open country side, take in stunning views, climb hills, rub on trees and graze until their heart's content!  Horses will have sections of 167 acres to roam, access to heated automatic waterer or a spring fed lake and even a seasonal creek.  The terrain is gentle but challenging and provides both humans and horses with a sense of peace and tranquility.  The Rock'n Star Ranch is a perfect setting for any horse or human to find them self!

To find out about the facilities all our boarders enjoy, scroll down!

Pictures below are of the facilities in Pritchard BC.

The Rock'n Star Ranch in Pritchard BC

Wild and Free from $250.00

If your horse is younger or older or just needs a break from domestic life, The Rock'n Star Country offers 50 acres of hills, valleys, sage, pine, grass, sand and a creek complete with horse-dug watering hole.  To put the human's mind at ease, there is also a heated, automatic waterer and a good shelter to get out of the weather (not that they use it...) and of course, free choice hay and salt/mineral blocks.   This is wild country and comes complete with snakes, bears and cougars so it's not for the faint of heart!

To find out about the facilities all our boarders enjoy, scroll down!

Pictures below are from The Rock'n Star Ranch Pritchard BC.

​​​​Facilities for people at The Rock'n Star Ranch Pritchard BC Include...

The Rock'n Star Ranch in Pritchard BC is not for people, it's for horses.  Therefore we do not have human creature comforts.  We do not have any riding facilities at this time either.  Just miles and miles of beautiful country side to explore.  However, we do have the following amenities for the horses comfort:

- Large catch pen for gathering, checking over and caring for the herd.

- Heated automatic waterer.

- 12' x 24' double shelter for getting out of the wind/rain/sun.

- All season creek to drink from.

- Natural grasses, weeds and plants to forage on, rub on and roll in.

- Steep muscle building hills and valleys to develop coordination and strength.

- Round bales provided all year round.

- Weekly checks and feedings.

- Good, strong, tight fences.