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Christa and Pinto Miremadi were married in Dec, 2000.  By 2001 they'd started a family business, together with Pat and Andy Dymond at a small boarding and lesson barn in Richmond BC which they called Silver Star Stables.  In 2006 the buisness moved to a beautiful 20 acre property in the Fraser Valley which they called home for the next 12 years.  It was there they realized their dreams of creating a boarding and training ranch that would have its foundations in horsemanship and would put the horse's mental and physical health needs first. 


In 2014, they partnered with their good friend, Amy Hay, in expanding the educational aspect of Silver Star Stables and became the home of Kheiron College of Equine Therapy: a place where students receive a well rounded education including therapeutic techniques, anatomy, saddle fit, alternative modalities, conditioning and handling, business planning, hoof care, nutrition and much, much more!


On December 1st, 2018, Andy and Pat took a step back, retiring from the family business.  Silver Star Stables was sold and Christa and Pinto pulled up their roots, took a leap of faith to follow their dreams, jumping into the wind as it blew them East and to the new (and current) home, the Rock'n Star Ranch: 167 acres of wide open spaces, rolling, grassy hillside and BIG sky in Pritchard BC!!!


This new location has provided them with the opportunity to focus more on training, horsemanship and continuing education for horse owners across BC, as well as providing a more diverse learning environment to both the humans and the horses who choose to explore horsemanship with these two dedicated individuals possessing  over 50 years of combined experience.

"It is our intention to offer our horses and the horses we care for the most natural lifestyle we can while still enjoying their partnership.  We are thrilled to be able to offer something positive to both the horses and the humans that we're fortunate enough to work with.  We've created a welcoming place to pursue developing your horsemanship, your riding skills, and the relationship with your horse.  We can't wait to explore horsemanship with you!"

Christa & Pinto Miremadi

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