We have developed a strong horsemanship program geared towards helping humans to better understand their equine partners physically, through an understanding of their anatomy and biomechanics, mentally, through an understanding of their psychology: how they think and learn and spiritually, through an understanding of our horse's needs, how to fulfill them and how they experience the world.  We do this through:

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Lessons - One-on-one instruction in the area of your interest (groundwork, ridden work, trail experience, stockmanship, foundation development, hoof care, saddle fit, Anatomy and Bio mechanics, Conditioning and Rehabilitation...)

Clinics - Clinics/Workshops are held on a variety of topics and by master horsemen/horsewomen.  They will be listed on our Clinics page.

Courses - Rock'n Star Ranch is host site to Kheiron College of Equine Therapy and proud to offer Hoof Care, Saddle Fit and Conditioning and Handling as stand-alone courses offered through the school.  We are also happy to customize a course especially for you if you are interested in something more personalized.  Please don't hesitate to approach us with your education needs!

Edu-Vacations - One of our favorite offerings!  Combine a relaxing vacation with your love of learning and horses and you get one of our exceptional Edu-Vacations! Choose from one of our Edu-Vacation packages or customize your own.  Come take advantage of our beautiful ranch,  the knowledge experience we share, our neighboring wineries and the rest of what Kamloops has to offer!  Prices vary and depend on your unique package.  Contact us or visit the Edu-Vacation page for more info!

Educational Materials - Over the years, Christa has put out two books and offers them both, either ordered directly or through links listed below.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about H.E.A.R.T. and A Mindful Collection!

Our mission is to provide young horses with the best start possible, older horses with positive learning experiences and to support the serious rider in deepening their understanding through education for the purpose of strengthening their relationships with their horse: making everyday riding endeavors safer and more enjoyable for both.

Educating horse owners and horse lovers alike in:

  • Biomechanics

  • Anatomy & Movement

  • Saddle Fit

  • Hoof Care

  • Foundation Horsemanship

  • Hackamore Horsemanship

  • Stockmanship

  • Bridle Horse Development

  • Leadership Based Relationship

  • Back Country Safety and Trail Experience

  • … and much, much more!


We strive to prepare people for all aspects of horse ownership and increase people’s confidence to enjoy their horses to the fullest degree. We offer our education program to most levels of riders whose focus is the love of the horse and personal development. Although we're a non-competitive atmosphere and focused on personal development, the relationship-based style of horsemanship is a complement to almost any style of riding.


We like to use a variety of disciplines and activities to provide purpose and fun for the horses and students in our program, such as:

  • Working Equitation

  • Stockmanship

  • Hoof ball

  • Drill Team

  • Trail Skills

  • Mountain Trail

  • Garrocha



Educational Materials

Christa has been writing monthly horsemanship articles for Saddle Up magazine for close to a decade and has also put out a couple of books.  Her books are available by direct sale or by following the links connected to the images below.  If you would like to order a copy of one of the following books directly, please send us an email!

H.E.A.R.T. cover_2.jpeg

H.E.A.R.T.  Published in 2010, is a collaborative work between professional clinician, horse trainer and student of the horse, Christa Miremadi and the amazingly gifted, professional photographer, Kristina Belkina.  This full color, coffee table book is a beautiful collection of photography, stories and perspectives put together by Christa and Kristina.

This insightful book provides readers with another perspective through which to view their horses and the way they think and learn. Develop a new way of viewing your horse through Christa's perspective of her own experiences.

A Mindful Collection cover.jpg

A Mindful Collection Published in 2016, is a collection of a years worth of Horsemanship articles that were first published in Saddle Up magazine.  After her first year of writing for the equine publication, Christa decided to publish her articles, all together, in one easy to read, paperback collection. This collection covers topics like leadership, trust, boundaries, responsibility, horse rescue, perspective, feel and much more and is a helpful guide to navigating the world of relationship with horses.

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